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The Union Philharmonic Society 1st December was founded on December 1, 1880, under the charter of D. Carlos, King of Portugal, with the classic blue as the original flag color, a timeless symbol of the monarchy. The objectives of the Society at the time of its formation was to dedicate itself to the instruction and recreation of: music, dancing, recitals and other art forms.


Around 1933, a group of young people called "The Terrible", who engaged in various sports such as table tennis, cycling and soccer, struggled with financial difficulties to maintain their sporting section. Financial, Marketing and Communication areas.


On April 6, 1938, the Club formally entered the Football Association of Lisbon.


The following year, the club rose to the 3rd National Division and reached the fourth round of the Portuguese Cup, considered the best ever result in the region of Sintra, having fallen only to Sporting Clube de Portugal.


In the women's senior football, there were numerous titles won by the first team, and the team completely dominated the national football scene for the past decade and a half.


It should be noted that up until 1920 the Union Philharmonic Union 1st December had a magnificent band called the Royal Philharmonic of the Sociedade União 1º Dezembro, which inspired the dances of the Society. As times and attitudes have changed. The "Papos Secos", so designated the club members, decided to downsize the Philharmonic, with now only a small musical group. present.


In 1935, the board proposed the creation of a sports section which, from the outset, achieved remarkable success in a very short time.


As a result of this merger, and given the need to expand the sport, the Conde de Sucena donated, that same year, the grounds where we reside today. 


In senior men's football, the results achieved in 2002, winning the Lisbon Football Association Cup, are highlighted.


History was made on July 27, 2018, when the 1 Dezembro SAD was created. After carefully studying the football market and the various working models in use within Portugal, we created a model specifically designed for December 1st. With the result being a football club that is completely integrated with the SAD, and is completely aligned with the SAD´s Mission, Values and Goals. With a focus on, not only the First team, but on the integrated development of the youth academy for all levels of training.


At 1st December there is no separation between the SAD and the club. Despite, legally, being two entities. The SAD is managed within a professional structure, with three lines of business: Professional Football, the Domestic and International Academy and, supported by the Financial, Marketing and Communication groups.

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